General Information

Porters Lake is a small rural community on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is about 25 km east of Halifax. The community is built around the lake from which it takes its name. The latest population statistics for Porters Lake has increased more than 16% over 10 years from 3,202 residents in 2011 to 3,716 residents when last recorded in 2021.

Porters Lake is a fast growing business hub of the eastern shore region of Nova Scotia. In 2018, community members created a Business Improvement District, now known as the Porters Lake Business Association, with the purpose of improving the village’s business district–changes are in the near future. New businesses are continually developing in the area and the business district is growing quickly.

Porters Lake is a 19 km long lake, which is never more than a kilometer wide at any point. It is one of the most popular lakes for recreational boating in the region. The lake is connected to the Atlantic Ocean at the south end near Lawrencetown Beach, because of this, the lake varies in salinity from almost completely fresh water at the north end to nearly pure ocean water at the south end. 

The communities (with populations in brackets) directly surrounding the community of Porters Lake include:

  West Porters Lake (686) 2011
  Head of Chezzetcook (480)
  West Chezzetcook (981)
  Conrod Settlement (324)
  Lake Echo (3035)

There are many other close-by communities in the region.